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2016-06-03 05:04:03 by r0b0tb0y

I need to work in color more often. Someone point me in the direction of good digital painting tutorials. pleasee.


2016-06-03 04:56:01 by r0b0tb0y

As the subject says hello everyone. This is just a question I have for anybody viewing my art. I'd like to know if the images I upload are too big.  More art on the wayyyy woooo. summer time is art time.



2015-12-20 03:13:22 by r0b0tb0y

I come here on Newgrounds every now and then to see whats new with the site but I havent really been uploading any art recently. I think I've uploaded 4 total from 2012-2014. This is becuase I was a lazy shit among other things. I have since done so much more now and am currently attending art school so I also have been getting better in terms of technical skills and working on my style which I think really shows. So after I post this im going to post a couple small things that I did before I went to art school and hope to upload more soon while Im on a break so yeah..even if nobody knows who I am this is still nice to have as a journal to myself.


P.S. I do have art on my tumblr that I didn't post here in that 2012-2014 time period so if anyone is interested in seeing older and newer work they can go to